ON DEMAND: Collagen Supply Chain, Sustainability, Source & Stewardship - The current state of the category

Recorded live on May 4, 2022

In every ingredient category, supply chains are under a magnifying glass. Consumers too are increasingly aware that a secure source means product on shelves. In the collagen category specifically, there are several sources available, sometimes but not always declared on the label. Collagen consumers also care about sustainability – 47% of collagen supplement consumers said that sustainability always or frequently influences their decision – yet the industry isn’t talking about that much. Collagen generally has a favorable carbon footprint relative to other ingredients – again, a story not well told.

During this webinar recorded live on May 4, 2022, experts shared insights into the current market and landscape and offer up ideas to help the category and companies within it, to grow sustainably.

Featured speakers:

  • Len Monheit, CEO and founder of the Collagen Stewardship Alliance
  • Dr. Elizabeth Thundow, VP Consulting – Chemicals, Materials and Nutrition, Frost & Sullivan
  • Kenn Israel, Founder & Manager, Innovation Nutrition Consulting LLC 

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