The Collagen Stewardship Alliance under the Ingredient Transparency Center will steward the global collagen category, bring transparency to source/origin, mitigate marketplace confusion, identify and promote product quality parameters and engage surrounding sustainability, and protect ingredient and product integrity.

Join us

Executive Leadership

  • Identification and prioritization of key strategies and initiatives
  • Execution of MOUs and other strategic relationships
  • Over-arching guidance of the alliance
  • Plus benefits from all other levels


  • Quarterly strategic and tactical meetings
  • Votes on key initiatives
  • Option to chair a working group Potential title sponsor role at Alliance events (virtual and inperson)
  • Plus Sponsor and Supporter benefits


  • Receives all insights and market reports
  • Votes on broad initiatives at annual meeting
  • Participates in working groups
  • Rights of first refusal for display/table-top at Alliance events (virtual and in-person)


  • Participation in working groups by invite only
  • Receives select insights and market reports
  • Non-voting; open to brands and service companies