CSA Continues to Fight Collagen Misinformation

As the Collagen Stewardship Alliance, our group has developed a lexicon of collagen related terms- they purposefully do not include vegan, which we believe to be not truthful and misleading. It is one of the reasons we support the Nutrastrong Collagen Verified program currently being developed. we recognize that non-animal sources (usually through fermentation) are coming on-stream and becoming more commercially viable. It would also be misleading, our group feels, to call these collagen without a qualifier as collagen in natural form also has structure and type that is source-dependent. we would advocate though that ‘non-animal’ would be appropriate as this would still be the protein collagen – again, which the product described in your article is not.

This article and coverage do a discredit to this category, propagate confusion and misinterpretation and are part of the challenge that reputable industry, those not seeking to mislead, must face.

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